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"NE" litter


Nike Peppi Smolstars
Eliot from The Devil's Trip
NE litter from a Rascal's Clan

We were happy to welcome this litter in 2021. Their father is Eliot z Czarcia Tryfta. I am glad that the puppies from this litter found their homes in loving families, both in Poland and abroad. Each of them now has their own unique place and a great future ahead of them. Thank you for your support and interest. I am proud that our puppies bring joy and contentment to their homes.

Havi is a stud dog and lives in Zlin, Czech Republic.

Nerick lives with his family in Finland,

Nelli lives in Germany,

Nemo - Floky lives in Grudziądz.

Neri and Mimi live in Poczopek, Poland, in a fantastic place that is also available for recreation.
and relaxation.
Girls and their owners invite   Below I present a gallery of puppies from this litter as well as some photos of Eliot.

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