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My passion for animals has accompanied me since birth, and perhaps even earlier. I completed 5-year studies at the Faculty of Animal Breeding and Biology, which provided me with a solid scientific foundation. I then completed postgraduate studies in Kynopsychology, which allowed me to understand dog behavior and psychology on a deeper level.

Even though I only recently started breeding and reproducing, I treat it as a natural development of my passion.

I have over 20 years of experience in owning, working and working with dogs. Thanks to this and numerous courses and trainings, as well as cooperation with experienced trainers and breeders of dogs and other animals, I gained extensive practical knowledge. Now I use the previously acquired knowledge in breeding, especially when working with the Appenzeller breed. The foundation of the breed is based on the analysis of original publications from 1914 and 1950. and 1966, as well as on the FCI breed standard. Somewhere along the way, in the meantime, my Appenzeller shop was created as a form of recognition and worship for the breed.

As a kennel assistant, I can continue to improve my skills and expand my knowledge, which translates into better results in breeding.

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Tel: +48 662 077 833

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